Join Mel Adams and Beechwood Cemetery for a series of exclusive Torchlight Tours of the historical grounds of one of Ottawa’s most historic cemeteries. These first ever-dusk tours will lead you through centuries of our shared history.

Join us at 6:45 PM in front of the Beechwood National Memorial Building, 280 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa.

  • October 2 2019 – Historic Ottawa – From the early days of Bytown to modern Ottawa, Beechwood has been the constant in our community. Join us for this unique look at our hometown.
  • October 9 2019 – With over 150 years of history, Beechwood has stories to share. Join us for a general tour of Beechwood Cemetery.
  • October 16 2019 – Parliament and Politics. As the elections builds up in Canada, join us for a tour of Beechwood where we discuss politicians and the history of those who worked in Parliament.
  • October 23 2019 – Monuments and memorials – Standing silent all across the cemetery, monuments and memorials have stories to share if you stop and look. Join us as we investigate at the meaning behind the century old monuments at Beechwood Cemetery.
  • October 30 2019 – Mausoleum and crypts – Explore a century old mausoleum and 140 years crypts that stand tall across the cemetery grounds.

Join us for these first ever-dusk tours at Beechwood Cemetery.