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For nearly a century and a half, the Scots have chosen Beechwood as their final resting place here in Ottawa. This history even predates the establishment of Beechwood if you include long closed Barrack’s Hill (1845) and Sandy Hill Cemetery (1872), which were transferred to Beechwood.

From the earliest day, the majority of our founders were Scottish. We welcomed many great Scottish families whose names mark the streets and landmarks of our city.

Some well know Scots of Ottawa would include:

  • Tommy Douglas, Father of Health Care,
  • William MacDougall, Father of Confederation,
  • Sir Stanford Fleming, Father of the time zone and first Canadian Postage Stamp,
  • Captain James Forsyth, first commander of the Ottawa Field Battery,
  • the Gilmour brothers, great lumber barons,
  • William Wilfred Campbell, Canada’s Great Confederation Poet,
  • Mary Ishbel Robertson Currier, award winning children’s author to name very few.